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Klahanie Chiropractic

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4556 Klahanie Dr SE
Sammamish, WA 98029
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Chiropractic Techniques

Palmer-Specific Chiropractic Adjustments
In basic terms, the spinal adjustment or spinal manipulation refers to the process in which the doctor of chiropractic skillfully applies controlled force into one or more "subluxated" vertebrae of the spine. The adjustment is usually delivered using the hands or through the use of a specialized mechanical tool.

Activator Technique

The activator instrument is used to give a consistent low-force, high-speed chiropractic adjustment to the spine and extremities.This technique is utilized in conjunction with traditional chiropractic adjustments for a more well-rounded approach to your spinal health or may be used for those who enjoy non-force manipulative therapy.

SOT Blocking

SOT Blocking is another low-force technique that allows the doctor to re-align the pelvis and lumbar spine.

Muscle/Soft tissue Release Therapy

This technique that can be applied to various regions of the body to restore normal range of motion and function.

Extremity Adjustments

Many times other joints become misaligned or subluxated and lead to a variety of symptoms. All doctors, at the clinic, are well trained and experienced in adjusting shoulders, elbows, wrist, hips, knees and ankles.

Spinal Stabilization Exercises

Spinal Stabilization exercises and stretches are an important part of many treatment plans as they increase muscle strength and coordination, enhancing flexibility and mobility. Many of the exercises and stretches can be continued even once active care is finished. Exercise reduces the likelihood of sustaining new injuries and minimizes the recurrence of previous injuries. Our goal at the clinic is to provide our patients with the tools to correctly and safely complete the exercises and stretches they have been instructed to perform at home.

Cranial Subluxations

A Cranial Subluxation is a condition where movement of cranial plates at the sutures is reduced or absent. Like vertebral (spinal) subluxations, cranial subluxations can cause health problems.

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My wife and I have both been patients for over a decade now. During this time it has not even crossed our minds to consider another location for this service.  Dr. Ken and the staff at Klahanie Chiropractic always greet you welcomely and provide the greatest care. We are proud to recomend them to anyone that is seeking chiropractic care.

Rod B-
Sammamish, WA

Wonderful treatment here. The chiropractors are fantastic. The massage therapist I see is amazing and the receptionists super helpful and friendly. I would recommend this practice to everyone

Martina P-
Fall City, WA

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  • 4556 Klahanie Dr SE Sammamish, WA 98029
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